City of Penticton planning 8 'major' capital works projects this summer

8 city projects this summer

The City of Penticton is making moves on their improvements to various infrastructures throughout the municipality, beginning eight capital works projects.

“Capital works are the nuts and bolts of what we do as a City to ensure the basic services that people expect are maintained and improved,” Mayor Julius Bloomfield said in a news release.

“The work our engineering teams and crews do is the bedrock of a strong, growing Penticton but sometimes it goes unseen. With projects happening throughout the community, residents will see first-hand how tax dollars are being spent.”

Major projects for this summer include:

  • Water and Sewer Main Works – Redlands/Uplands, Haven Hill Road, Penticton Avenue/Kensington Street
  • Sidewalks – Middle Bench Road (Uplands Elementary) and Ontario Street
  • Traffic Calming – Moose Jaw Street
  • Pedestrian safety measures at Jermyn/KVR, Penticton Avenue
  • Fire Hall 2 – Two bay garage
  • Point Intersection - Work underway
  • Replacement of Skaha Splash Pad – later this fall
  • Completion of Penticton Creek Reach 3, including upgrades at Ellis/Westminster

The city said design work is also being done on improvements to the Advanced Waste Water Treatment Plant and a community safety building.

“Our capital budget is extensive and covers the gamut – from water to electrical to pickleball courts,” Bloomfield added.

“Each year, projects move forward and not all the work gets the recognition it deserves. It’s not always glamorous but by spending, we can meet the needs of residents now and in the future.”

The City of Penticton reminds residents that property tax bills will be sent out around the middle of June.

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