Summerland municipal staff to try out a four-day week pilot project

Four-day work week trial

Municipal staff in Summerland will soon be working fewer days every week as part of a green-lit pilot project experimenting with compressing the work week, and lengthening daily hours.

Starting July 2, Municipal Hall employees will work Tuesday to Friday providing counter services from 8:15 a.m. to 5 p.m.

"Feedback from customers has been that extended hours would help accommodate their business and personal schedules," reads a press release from the district issued Monday.

Some services will remain on a five-day schedule, including building inspections. Corporate services will operate on a five-day schedule as well, on an appointment-only basis on Mondays.

Bylaw staff will operate seven days a week during the summer season.

“The customer is our number one priority, and it is my hope that these extended hours make a real difference for our residents and the business community,” said chief administrative officer Graham Statt.

“At the same time, this approach could really help our efforts to attract and retain staff in a very competitive labour market. Turnover affects service, and serving the customer well means keeping the staff we have and having the ability to attract qualified individuals for the positions we need to fill.”

The pilot project will last for 18 months. During that time, council meetings will be moved from Monday to Tuesday to accommodate.

Results will be reported back to council in fall 2024.

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