Summerland resident catches bear cub and mom on video running through local neighbourhood

Mom and tiny cub run along

Contributed Stan Etter

A momma bear and her teeny cub were spotted by a Summerland resident running through the Canyon View area on Monday afternoon.

Stan Etter said he was driving up Canyon View Road and spotted them heading down Belvedere, so he turned around to follow them. He turned his engine off and coasted down to where he thought they would cross.

He described the two running along as a "cuteness overload," and said this was the first time seeing the pair.

"We normally see bears at our orchard every year. They love our walnut trees and usually clean up the fallen peaches," he said over messenger.

He also wanted to remind residents to look after their garbage in the area and store it properly before pick up, not wanting them to become habitual garbage bears.

The BC Conservation Officer Service annually reminds residents to not leave bear attractants outdoors.

Hundreds of bears are euthanized in B.C. every year because they become too comfortable in human communities and are attracted to an easy meal.

Conservation officers continue to remind the public to look after their garbage and attractants around their property, including putting the garbage out at the curb only on the morning of pickup and keeping it secure at all other times.

If there is continual non-compliance with the attractant management laws, officers can choose to issue violation tickets.

To report conflicts with dangerous wildlife, where there is a threat to public safety, call the report all poachers and polluters hotline at 1 877 952-RAPP (7277) or visit the website here.

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