Demo underway at Pen-Hi gym

The deconstruction is underway at the Pen-Hi gym and auditorium, despite the efforts of a local group.

The Penticton League of Sensible Electors recently ran ads in local papers asking the school board to stop the demolition.

District 67 Board Chair, Larry Little, says they are moving forward with the demolition.

“There was a couple of ads in the paper that PLEASE had brought out that are asking for a 90-day-moratorium on the demolition, they want us to stop it at this particular time. It’s over from the board’s perspective, we’re moving forward. We have clear support from the B.C. Supreme Court. The judge ruled in our favour saying it was a very fair process and that the consultation was open and accessible to the public,” says Little.

He says much progress has already been made on the demo.

“The demolishing of the shop areas and much of the materials are being salvaged and recycled and we just understand that as far as the auditorium goes, the seats have all been removed, the drapes, the sound system and the lighting equipment has all been taken out and will be used in the school. The Steinway piano has been relocated, the heating and plumbing has been disconnected, the interior walls are being dismantled so the asbestos can be properly removed. It is anticipated that by mid November, early December, the demolition of the auditorium will take place.”

Little says Please is looking to have all candidates for mayor and city council declare their support or opposition for a proposed 90-day moratorium on the demolition of the buildings.

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