Young drivers don't get it

It doesn't seem like young drivers in the Okanagan are getting the message.

That according to Penticton RCMP Sgt. Rick Dellebuur, who says after four fatalities over the Thanksgiving long weekend, police have been to high schools in an effort to drive the message home.

He says it's up to the kids.

"Different age groups sometimes don't get the message. It doesn't sink in as well as it does with others. You'll have one grade 12 class who doesn't cause any problems and is quite receptive to messages about speed and drinking and driving, then you'll get another class that has a little different mentality and a different outlook," says Dellebuur.

He says there seems to be more motorcycle accidents this year than in the past.

"I've been on the road myself even when I'm not working and see some of these motorcycles. People have the idea they handle so well and they can whip in and out of traffic and they drive accordingly. I had one the other day that just went flying by several vehicles to get ahead. The problem is they are still on two wheels and as a result they have limited traction when they get to a certain speed and a corner."

Okanagan Sun Running Back Janson Towers was the latest motorcycle casualty in the Okanagan, after he crashed his bike a week ago Friday night in Kelowna on his way home from practice.

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