Penticton woman celebrates 100th birthday still full of feisty spirit

100 years of sassy living

Casey Richardson

When asked what Penticton resident Mae Smith's secret is to live to 100 years old on her birthday, she flashes a big smile and sarcastically answers, "Being miserable."

The senior was surrounded by dozens of family, friends and fellow residents at the Concorde Retirement Community on Wednesday afternoon.

One of her grandsons sits beside her as she speaks with Castanet News, wanting him to stay by her side as she's interviewed.

He asks her if the secret to living so long was eating carrots and vegetables, which she scowls her face at and says, "Oh, don't mention carrots!"

As shared in the Concorde newsletter, it says Smith is very proud of the fact that she’s never smoked or drank in her life.

Smith does say that she loves her dog Rusty and her children. Her dog comes first though, she emphasizes.

Some of her best memories include getting married and having her children. Now a centenarian, Smith has two children, Carol and Charles, five grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

When asked if she would have any advice for young people, Smith says "They wouldn't take it so I won't give it."

This special birthday she's hoping for some new legs. Smith has been quite active up until recently and was still riding a stationary bike. She plans to be back on it by her 101 birthday.

Still, Smith is all smiles at her big party.

"I'm so surprised. I didn't expect this," she says. "Thank you to all the people that came here. I'm flabbergasted. "

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