Penticton Farmers' Market looking to secure 100 block of Main Street ahead of 2023 season

Farmers' market at council

The Penticton Farmers' Market will speak to city council Monday seeking an agreement to have "priority use" of the 100-block of Main Street during its 2023 season.

The market has been operating downtown since 1991, with roughly 40-45 dedicated venders per season, 80 per cent of which categorized as small, local farmers. There are also 55-60 approved casual vendors who attend when space is available.

"Every Saturday we are pleased to welcome close to 10,000 visitors to the market," explains a presentation from market president Joseph Ciaramella and marketing manager Linda Van Alphen that will be shown to council.

"Although most are local to Penticton and area many more visit from other parts of British Columbia, other provinces and often from other countries."

According to the market, vendor sales reach approximately $2M every year. Vendors also frequently donate to local community food initiatives like the Purple Pantry and St. Vincent de Paul Society.

The 100 block, the market explains, is the best place for the market.

"The PFM works with the few businesses in the 100 block [of] Main to provide spaces for them to add an outdoor element to their shops during market hours," explains the presentation to council.

Ciaramella and Van Alphen will ask council to approve priority use of the 100 block from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. from mid-April to the end of October, and "if events of other groups are contemplated," the market board be consulted before approval.

The market is set to return for its 33rd season Saturday, April 15.

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