2 Rivers Remix Society and the En’owkin Centre hosting event to build and bring together the Indigenous community

Building Indigenous bonds

Indigenous community representatives along with a diverse group of Indigenous musicians, artists, academics, and cultural organizers will be gathering in the last weekend of March for the ‘Seed 2 Community: The Confluence’ (S2C) event.

From March 26 – 28, 2 Rivers Remix Society and the En’owkin Centre are collaborating to build on the spirit of the first Confluence, Remix 2 Regeneration, held virtually in 2021.

S2C said the purpose of the event is to build networks, deliver resources, facilitate knowledge sharing, offer mentorship, and inspire and empower both the current and next generation of Indigenous artists, organizers and future knowledge expanders.

“So much has occurred in a short period of time that has affected all of us on such an intense level, the pandemic, the children that are being un(re)covered at residential schools, the continued recovery of the community of Lytton – post fire,Z" 2 Rivers Artistic Director, Meeka Morgan said in a press release.

"And all of the trauma that is compounded by all, that we have had to adapt to our circumstances, press on and continue while bringing that experience into the forefront of our work as well, acknowledging it, bearing witness to it all."

The three-day event will feature different themes on each day – Seeding Our Stories, Seeding Our Tongues, and Seeding Regeneration, Protecting the Sacred.

The event will include a keynote presentation by Indigenous trailblazers Tracey Kim Bonneau, Gregory Scofield and ShoShona Kish.

There will also be workshops, “Bearing Witness Panels,” and artist showcases. The whole event will be accessible through a live stream.

The public is invited to join in the final celebration with a free showcase of contemporary Indigenous talent at the Cleland Theatre on Wednesday, March 29.

For more information, a full schedule and to register for this in-person and live-streamed event, visit the website here.

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