Local volunteer group holding benefit concerts to provide support for Ukrainians fleeing war get to the South Okanagan

1,000 flights to safety

A group of South Okanagan locals are hosting a pair of benefit concerts in support of humanitarian aid for Ukrainians fleeing war to safety in Canada.

Under the umbrella of the Ukraine Nightingale Project, a collection of local volunteers are holding two events, one in Oliver and one in Penticton, with proceeds going to the 1,000 Flights Out movement.

The movement is a follow up to 1,000 Ride Out benefit concerts held in 2022 in the South Okanagan, which helped get Ukrainians out of the war zone in vehicles. Now, the Flights Out project aims to take that vision further.

"I realized that getting them out of the war zone was only the first step in their journey," explained lead organizer Jennifer Martison.

"We need to assist them to get to Canada, and then to support them as they integrate and settle into our communities."

The concerts will take place Feb. 23 at the Frank Venables Theatre in Oliver, and Feb. 25 at the Cleland Performing Arts Centre in Penticton.

They feature the acclaimed Tryzub Ukrainian Junior Dance troupe from Calgary, and Ihor Bohdan, a charismatic and passionate Ukrainian contemporary singer.

Tickets are $25, and all event proceeds will go to support families from Ukraine relocating specifically to the South Okanagan. Tryzub and Ihor donated their performances in support of the efforts.

The Canadian Ambassador to the United Nations will also be lending his support through a recorded message.

Martison is excited about the event, and the welcoming spirit the South Okanagan continues to show.

"I am extremely grateful for the overwhelming response from ordinary people in our South Okanagan communities who have stepped up in so many ways - together, we can all make a real difference."

For more information and tickets, click here. For inquiries about how to volunteer or get involved, contact Martison at 403-690-7491.

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