Strange woman with firearm, drugs found passed out in Oliver home

Armed stranger in home

Police in Oliver were alarmed to find a strange woman asleep in a local family's home, holding a firearm and in possession of a substantial amount of drugs.

On Jan. 8, RCMP were called to a residence on Road 18 for a report of a female passed out in a chair. The occupants had only been alerted to her presence when their dogs woke them up.

When police arrived, they found a .22 calibre sawed-off rifle in the stranger's hand hidden beneath a big purse. They placed the woman in handcuffs without her waking up.

It was later determined the firearm was inoperable.

The 25-year-old woman was a stranger to the home's residents. She told police she thought it was her ex-husband's house and entered through the unlocked front door. She did not threaten the occupants of the house.

“This is a very concerning incident for all involved that thankfully came to a safe conclusion for the family, the attending police and the accused woman,” said Sgt. Don Wrigglesworth, Oliver RCMP detachment commander.

“The amount of suspected fentanyl found on her was consistent with drug trafficking. Where there are drugs, there is a greater chance of violence and weapons are often involved."

The woman was released later that day on an undertaking to appear in Penticton Provincial Court on Feb. 15. RCMP have recommended a slew of charges involving breaking and entering, weapons possession and drug possession with the purpose of trafficking.

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