'Once in a lifetime': Daring roadside moose rescue in South Okanagan captured on camera

Moose rescued by roadside

Chelsea Powrie

A Princeton-area couple made an unexpected stop during their travels this week, pulling over to rescue a moose tangled in fencing wire.

Angie Hillmer and her husband Kirk were heading to Penticton Tuesday for an appointment when they saw the animal.

They reversed their truck and stopped, Hillmer getting out her phone to film a video.

"We didn't expect a rescue mission," Hillmer said. "It isn't every day that one gets to rescue a moose!"

Hillmer was shocked that her husband ventured up to the trapped moose, whose large limbs were tangled in wire, without so much as gloves. She said her husband later told her he was concerned for the moose, not himself.

"There are other predators in this area and that moose wouldn't have a chance with them attacking it," Hillmer said.

In the video, Hillmer's husband is seen working hard to get the animal's tangled back legs out of the fencing, finally freeing the moose and stepping back quickly from its thrashing back legs.

The moose scrambled to its feet and loped off into the forest.

"It was a once in a lifetime experience for sure!"

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