Penticton amusement park gets lease expansion to take over public washrooms

Loco gets washroom lease

LocoLanding in Penticton will be expanding, just slightly.

The amusement park gained approval from Penticton city council Tuesday to expand its land lease by 0.1 acres to include public washrooms that the municipality had doomed for demolition.

LocoLanding will take over maintenance, repairs and any future demolition costs for the washroom building. The city had pegged demolition at $15-20K.

The city has new, upgraded public washrooms that are as vandalism-proof as possible that due for installation by the spring.

"We know they're a valuable amenity. We can't not provide these for the community," said Anthony Haddad, city director of development services.

Meanwhile, the old washrooms are now LocoLanding's purview. City council approved the expansion to their lease.

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