College offers welding program for women

Welding for women at OC

The Okanagan College is starting a new program aimed to encourage women to consider a career in welding.

The Women of Steel Forging Forward Program at OC is supported by the CWB Welding Foundation and is being offered in 14 locations across the nation.

According to Okanagan College, female students who choose OC as their place to study welding will not only gain skills related to the trade, but will also have the opportunity to gain an education, see personal growth, add to your confidence experiential learning.

“We continue to look for new opportunities that will support students to gain the skills they need now, helping them get good jobs in industries where communities need them,” said Neil Fassina, president of Okanagan College.

“This partnership with the CWB Welding Foundation will help connect women with career opportunities and support our vision of transforming lives and communities. Skilled trades professionals are critical to the ongoing health and growth of our economy in this region and across the province.”

With the industry seeing skilled trades professionals retiring in the Okanagan and across Canada, there's room for opportunity in welding, especially for young women.

At OC, this pre-employment program is free of tuition and includes practical theory, hands-on welding training, and skills development in a safe environment with a schedule designed to help students find a good work-life-balance.

This program will help students gain multiple CWB welding qualifications in various positions with multiple processes making graduates ready for apprenticeship, post-secondary school and employment.

The program is set to run from March 27 for 12 weeks with in-person training provided at Okanagan College's Penticton campus.

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