Police in Penticton seize vehicle that smashed into local motel Friday

Cops on motel car crash

Penticton RCMP have seized a vehicle after it ran into a local motel, after the driver reportedly attempted to run over a bystander.

On Friday, Jan. 13 at around 8:30 a.m., RCMP learned a vehicle had smashed into the Bowmont Motel on Riverside Drive. The driver then fled the scene, after causing "significant damage."

"Our officer’s initial response was large given the report of the vehicle allegedly attempting to run someone over,” said Cst. Dayne Lyons Penticton RCMP media relations officer.

“The investigation is ongoing as police comb through recovered evidence, surveillance footage, and witness statements.”

The vehicle involved was found later in the day Friday, abandoned outside the city. Police are now processing it for evidence.

There were no injuries sustained by the bystander allegedly targeted, and police say this was an isolated incident.

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