Summerland animal rescue searching for patient home for a pup they rescued

Mistreated pup needs home

Casey Richardson

Found wandering alone in Oliver, one eight-month-old puppy rescued by Summerland's Critteraid Animal Sanctuary has been working hard to trust again and is ready for her new home.

Jinx is approximately eight months old and she is a Mudi, a Hungarian herding breed of dog that has the energy to spare.

"When this little girl came into Critteraid's care, she was in rough shape and it was evident that someone had not been kind to her in the past," Critteraid Dog House Director Arlene Dunstan-Adams said.

"Jinx has been working very hard to overcome some of the obstacles in her life that have kept her from that one special home."

The pup will need a home with someone who has dog experience and even dog anxiety experience.

"Jinx will need a home that understands that she is going to take time to be the great dog Critteraid knows that she can be," Dunstan-Adams added. "Jinx would do best with another dog in the house that's going to play and interact with her. This would be a great way to help her express some of her anxiety and energy by playing chase and tug of war."

Jinx loves to play fetch with a ball too. She will need an owner who has an active lifestyle. Someone who is a cyclist, a jogger or heads up into the mountains to hike, this speedy girl will be at your side in a flash.

"Don't let her cute face fool you though. This girl is one smart cookie. She will pick things up with a flash but also need to be reminded as she's still learning on how to live in a home."

She will need a fully fenced-in yard and is not going to be suitable for an apartment or an attached home as she does experience separation anxiety when left on her own.

"Jinx would love to sleep in the bed with you all cuddled in and enjoying the security of your companionship," Dunstan-Adams said.

The pup is well on her way to being fully house-trained but will need her new home to continue to work with her.

If you think you have the energy and time to keep up with this sweet pup, reach out to the Dog House Director through an adoption application on the Critteraid website here.

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