Penticton cannabis store hopes tip jar thief caught on camera will have change of heart

Tip jar thief caught on video

Chelsea Powrie

A downtown Penticton cannabis shop owner is saddened that her employees' tip jar was stolen, an action that was caught on security cameras.

Mariana Wolff, owner of Cannabis Cottage on Martin Street, shared footage of a female customer inquiring at the counter before clearly grabbing the tip jar, unzipping her jacket, stashing it there, and holding it hidden.

"I was just frustrated," Wolff told Castanet, after she had realized what happened.

"I was like, this is so ridiculous. Everyone already works for a pretty low wage, I mean we do what we can, but that's the reality. And then they take their tips? Seriously?"

Wolff said Cannabis Cottage, located at 385 Martin Street, is luckily not a frequent target of thieves, as most of their merchandise is locked up. The tip jar, however, was not.

"This is the one thing that was out and available on the countertop," Wolff said.

The tip jar goes entirely to employees, not owners, Wolff said. And while it is a frustrating situation, Wolff wants to make it clear that she understands some members of the downtown community are leading difficult lives.

She has not reported the incident to RCMP because she does not want to add to the RCMP's workload for yet another petty theft. However, she hopes the tips might be returned to her employees.

"If she were to bring the tip cash back to the staff, then the ownership can leave her a Safeway food card, if that's why she felt the need to steal. That would be appreciated," Wolff said.

"The real reason I posted [the video] was in case the individual who took [the tips] had a change of heart."

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