Penticton RCMP going greener with new hybrid vehicles in fleet

Local force going greener

Penticton RCMP has gone a little greener with the addition hybrid police cars added to its fleet.

Two Ford Explorer SUV hybrids have arrived this month with more coming in 2023, operating on both gas and battery, allowing computers, electronics and emergency lights in the cars to operate while the engine is not running.

“This new set up will allow us to keep the electronics working and the lights active, without the vehicle idling,” said Cst Dayne Lyons.

“The engine does kick on every so often just to keep the battery active, but you will see a noticeable reduction in idling time.”

The initiative is a partnership with the City of Penticton. As older vehicles age out next year, they will be replaced by the new hybrids.

"The City of Penticton is committed to a sustainable future, which is why we’ve adopted a Community Climate Action Plan and a Corporate Energy and Emissions Plan,” says David Kassian, the city’s community sustainability co-ordinator.

"The move by the RCMP to hybrid cars is another positive step to building a brighter, long-term future for residents.”

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