Penticton's most dangerous intersections revealed in new ICBC data

City's worst intersections

Newly updated crash data from ICBC illuminates the City of Penticton's most dangerous intersections, and it will likely be no surprise to any local drivers what location topped the list.

The Channel Parkway at Fairview Road/Green Mountain Road saw 125 crashes between 2017 and 2021, according to the new information.

It was also number one for casualty crashes — meaning they involved an injury or fatality — with 57.

Twenty-six intersections in the city had 25 or more crashes during that time period.

Second most dangerous was Main Street at Warren Avenue with 85, and third most was Main Street at Industrial Avenue with 83.

The data does not include parking lot collisions or those involving parked vehicles.

The top ten crash spots were:

  • Channel Parkway at Fairview Road/Green Mountain Road: 125
  • Main Street at Warren Avenue: 85
  • Main Street at Industrial Avenue: 83
  • Channel Parkway at Warren Avenue West: 76
  • Channel Parkway at Green Avenue West: 59
  • Channel Parkway at Parkway Place West: 50
  • Eckhardt Avenue West at Martin Street: 48
  • Eckhardt Avenue West and Westminster Avenue West and turning lane: 48
  • Eckhardt Avenue East at Main Street: 46
  • Eckhardt Avenue West at Winnipeg Street: 44

Find the full interactive data map online here.

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