Wreckage of Warren House to be cleaned up to the tune of $45,500 at cost to owner

$45K burnt home cleanup

The wreckage of Warren House on Lakeshore Drive will finally be cleaned up in December, at the expense of the property owner.

The remnants of the home, a historic home at 434 Lakeshore Drive that was destroyed by a fire in early March, "unsightly and untidy as to be offensive to the community" and was declared a nuisance that required remedial action by the City of Penticton.

After a lengthy back-and-forth process with the owner, trying to give him time to do the required cleanup himself after insurance issues, the city moved forward with their own tender for remediation.

The winning bid was submitted by Scott Contracting and Excavating of West Kelowna, at a total cost of $45,000. That cost will be borne by the property owner.

Work on the project is expected to begin Dec. 5, and will last several weeks to ensure all requirements of dealing with contaminated materials are followed.

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