Penticton Salvation Army hit by yet another suspicious fire

Another fire at Sally Ann

Penticton's Salvation Army was hit by another fire behind its thrift store on Sunday night, this time damaging their sea can contents.

Assistant fire chief Rob Trupp said that crews were called out at 10:53 p.m.

Firefighters found a garbage bin fire, an adjacent fence fire and a small fire in the large sea can with a transport van as an exposure.

The fires were extinguished quickly and no injuries were reported.

No damage was done to the van or building, but Trupp said there was very minor damage to the contents in the sea can.

The fire is considered suspicious, and it is not the first time such an incident has occurred in recent weeks.

On Oct. 26, the Salvation Army operations lost their van and storage equipment after a fire tore through their property.

Paul Trickett, a major with The Salvation Army said at the time he thought that fire started because someone was trying to keep warm and it got out of control.

The Salvation Army has launched its Christmas Kettle campaign, collecting donations for families in need around the holiday season.

Visit their website here to find out how to donate or volunteer with the Penticton Salvation Army.

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