Civic election: Mike Campol running for Area I Regional District of Okanagan Similkameen director

Mike Campol wants a seat

Castanet News has distributed a questionnaire to each candidate running for a local Regional District seat in the South Okanagan.

All competing candidates have been given the same questions, and answers have been edited for clarity and brevity when needed. An interactive database of Okanagan candidates, including previous questionnaire stories, is being updated daily.

Election day is Oct. 15.


Mike Campol: Area I - Kaleden, Twin Lakes, Apex, Skaha West, St. Andrews RDOS candidate

Why would you make an effective Area I director?

My campaign is quite simple. I'm running with the promise of strong representation. My focus will always be about quality of life, now and in the future. This means ensuring that infrastructure needs are met today and that reserve funds are healthy for the future.

I have a proven track record of responsible governing to meet the needs of the electorate. Area I needs an unwavering commitment to be represented with a strong and steady voice at a large table of directors.

I can be that voice. My track record in the South Okanagan is well documented. I've always acted with the utmost integrity. I've been a voice for the vulnerable and brought needed change to the community that I represent.

In your view, what is the number one issue facing Area I today, and how would you deal with it, knowing the Regional District only has so much power?

Leadership and representation. We need a vision for each community within Area I. Through community engagement, we need to have united approach to our future. What are the challenges of today? What are the challenges we foresee in the near and distant future?

This vision needs to be at the forefront of every decision that impacts our communities.

The Regional District board has 19 voting members. How do you ensure Area I concerns are addressed when it comes to regional issues?

The Regional District governing model is challenging. In my experience in local politics, representation seems to be comprised of two types of people…those that attend meetings twice a month, and those that engage the issues through research, thoughtfulness, and action.

I am the latter.

Area I is comprised of several distinct communities with unique needs and concerns. How would you ensure you equally represent all of them?

We are an area comprised of small, unique communities that have area-specific needs. I can promise that I will meet with each community on an ongoing basis, for the purpose of listening and informing.

Unlike a city or municipality, regional districts have very different priorities. Farming, agriculture, outdoor recreation, and back country that needs to be preserved to protect wildlife and natural landscapes.

If you had $1 million to spend on anything for Area I, how would you spend it?

  • Emergency preparedness
  • Safer intersections
  • Educating locals and visitors to the area, about the history, diversity, and the environment we live in.

Picture Area I 20 years from now. What are the key aspects that are making it thrive?

  • Preserved acreage for hiking, biking, walking, and exploring
  • Solid infrastructure
  • Healthy reserve funds
  • The natural beauty of the landscape

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