Penticton Peach Festival’s electric float suffered a 'catastrophic motherboard failure', $60K needed for new build

$60K for new Peach float

The Penticton Peach Festival is seeking an in-year grant request from the city after their motherboard, which controls the battery-powered engine, died.

The total cost of the float replacement is estimated at $60,000.

According to the staff's report, the City has provided a grant every three years to the Peach Fest Society to assist in retrofitting the float, and cost-sharing the expense with the festival and Travel Penticton.

The last grant requested was for the 2019 grant year, where a $10,000 cash grant was provided.

The Penticton Peach Festival is seeking to fund the replacement float in a similar partnership structure, with a $20,000 grant from Travel Penticton, $20,000 from the Penticton Peach Festival Society and the $20,000 request from the city.

"After 25 years, hundreds of parades and thousands of kilometres, our float reached the end of its lifecycle late in the Calgary Stampede Parade in July," Don Kendall, the president of Penticton Peach Festival wrote in his letter to council.

The float will make its final appearance, being towed, in the Leavenworth Autumn Leaves Festival Parade, in September

Kendall explained that the float is their best marketing initiative for the festival.

"It is seen by millions of people every year at more than 20 parades. As a member of the Northwest Festivals Association, Penticton is one of only two Canadian cities (along with New Westminster) to gain annual entry into two of the largest parades in the Western United States….Seattle Seafair and Portland Rose Festival."

The team is planning to begin construction in October so the float is ready for the beginning of the 2023 parade season in the spring.

Staff said that they support the grant request for this project and are recommending for it to be approved. Council will discuss the request on Tuesday.

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