Oliver Fire Department ask public to stay back from fire scenes after their crew was held up

Fire crews ask for space

Fire crews in Oliver got held up while trying to get to the scene of a trailer fire on Saturday, stuck behind the traffic that had gathered to get a look.

The Oliver Fire Department shared a reminder to the public on Facebook asking people to stay clear of the area when smoke or flames are spotted.

"It is not the time to get a cool picture for your socials," they said after units were having issues driving through.

"Not only does this pose a massive safety risk to our responding crews, but also to those that are driving into an already chaotic scene."

OFD said this can delay needed resources to the scene.

"Keep in mind, that people’s lives can be on the line and you may be delaying the resources needed to save that life."

"Please do not be a part of the problem. Stay out of the area and allow crews the ability to respond without having to navigate traffic that doesn’t need to be in the way."

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