Stage 5 water restrictions in Summerland after storms muddy Trout Creek

Stage 5 water restrictions

The District of Summerland has imposed Stage 5 water restrictions for the community.

The severe thunderstorms that moved through Friday night could be partly to blame.

The district says there is very high turbidity in Trout Creek, which is the source water for the Summerland Water Treatment Plant reservoir. The Trout Creek flume has been closed to protect the reservoir, and prevent the turbid water from contaminating stored water and overwhelming the ability of the treatment plant to ensure drinking water quality.

Turbidity is cloudiness or haziness caused by suspended solid matter in the water, which can be introduced by heavy runoff in large rainstorms.

Residents are being asked to curtail their water use.

“We are assessing the situation further and are asking the community to limit water consumption to minimal drinking water needs only, to conserve the water, while we assess the situation. Water remains safe to drink but the reservoir has limited storage capacity and is not designed as a long-term storage solution,” the district said in a news release.

Summerland council recently approved a Water Utility Emergency Response Plan and staff are following the processes set out in that plan.

Updates will be posted to the District of Summerland website, Facebook page and through the VoyentAlert! Mobile app.

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