Penticton's Peach Festival has a big return with tourists and locals coming in

Peach Fest packs the park

Casey Richardson

Penticton's 75 Annual Peach Festival has seen crowds packed into Okanagan Lake Park since opening day on Wednesday.

Festival VP Colin Campbell said that the festival has "just been awesome."

"We've been two years waiting to put this on again. We had a little mini one last year. But that wasn't quite up to what we were used to. So we've all been excited about putting this on and it's been going absolutely great," he said.

Both locals and visitors have been coming by for the events, concerts, shows, vendors and food trucks.

"Almost once a night somebody asks who's from out of town and you get probably about a third of the crowd putting their hands up. So there are still lots of locals coming. And that's the reason we're putting it on, is really for the locals."

Friday afternoon featured three professional motocross riders in the Canadian Tire Mega Motocross show and the West Coast Lumberjacks, alongside plenty of other events.

And there’s more entertainment stacked throughout the weekend.

"We've had big bands every night, big crowds every night. Country night was last night, tonight is tribute night. And if you want to come down tonight, it's probably gonna be crowded, but you know what, it'll be worth it. We're looking at a spectacular night with spectacular music," Campbell said.

The free five-day family fun event wouldn't be possible without all the volunteers.

"We've got great volunteers as well. Lots of volunteers this year and if you want to volunteer for next year, make sure you hit up our website."

The Peach Fest Directors also expressed their gratitude to the firefighters and first responders who are battling the Keremeos Creek wildfire, which is located 21 kilometres southwest of Penticton.

"We're down here enjoying this, but they're up doing a lot of hard work. So really appreciate what we're doing."

More information on Peach Festival events can be found here.

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