Peach Fest sandcastle contest success on Skaha Beach

Sandcastle champions!

High winds and cool temperatures could not stop the determined teams competing for glory in the Peach Fest Sandcastle Competition Thursday evening.

Skaha Community Projects and Penticton Sunrise Rotary combined to make the event a success, which saw 10 kids team entries, two youth entries, one corporate entry and nine in the family & friends category.

Several teams were from out of province and came prepared to build a winning design.

Entry fees for the event, which ranged from $10-$50 depending on the type of team, will got right back into the community through projects funded by the Penticton Rotary.

Discovery House Recovery Centre helped out with the plot layouts and hosing down of the beach. Corporate sponsors Greyback Construction, Skaha Hills, Larsen’s Trail Tire and Chamberlain Property Group were also key to the event's success.

And now, the winners:

Corporate Team Winners from Penticton:
Team Name – Bean Counters (Grant Thorton LLP)
Sculpture Name – The Real Accountant
Team Leader – Jeremy Auger-Patry
Team members - Prachi Gupta, Guneet Kaur, Smily Smily, Gautmi Gautmi, Alison Schofield, James Mayest, Swanna Mayhew

Family/Friend winners from Edmonton, Alta.:
Team Name – Arrakis Spice Hunters
Scullpture Name- Great Wall
Team Leader – Steven Leyor
Team members - Steve, Eric, Shannon, Mark. Mike, Derrick

Youth Team winner from St. Albert, Alta.:
Team Name – The Old Kids on the Block
Team members – Kayla, Charlotte and Jordon St Pierre, Sadie and Callie Cochrane

Kids Team Winner from Airdrie, Alta.:
Tean Name – The Rainbows
Sculpture – Rainbow Beach
Team Leader – Alana Andrijaevic
Team members – Emma, Mia, Mateo

People’s Choice Award winner from Vancouver, B.C. and Red Deer, Alta.:
Team Name – Seek and Destroy
Sculpture – The Infinity Castle
Team Members – Kyler an Evelyn Mah , Eli and Sadie Haba

Find out more about Peach Fest and view the rest of the weekend's lineup of events online here.

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