Firefighters at Keremeos Creek wildfire conducting small-scale ignitions along Hwy 3A

'Aggressive' attack on fire

UPDATE: 9:57 a.m.

BC Wildfire Service said that the Keremeos Creek fire has moved along the downslope closer to Highway 3A at the south end of Yellow Lake in their update on Tuesday morning.

Mapping estimated the wildfire to be 2,790 hectares as of Monday evening. A portion of the fire was not visible earlier due to smoke.

Fire crews are working on establishing a control line along the highway.

"This will limit growth and allow crews to safely access and establish containment lines," BCWS said.

Airtankers were able to do two passes with retardant on Monday night but were unable to continue due to crosswinds. BCWS crew and structural protection were stationed overnight.

Planned ignitions are anticipated on the east flank in the next 24 hours.

The cause of this wildfire is currently under investigation.

A total of eight helicopters, four pieces of heavy equipment and an additional 115 structural protection personnel from fire departments across BC for a total crew complement of 229 firefighters.

Additional crews are establishing control lines from Green Mountain Road working west and preparing Cedar Creek Road for potential burn operations. A complete danger tree assessment and falling along Green Mountain Road.

ORIGINAL: 6:38 a.m.

Cooler temperatures are expected to aid the fire fight this week at the Keremeos Creek wildfire burning near Apex Mountain.

"With the inversion, and cooler temps for the next two to three days, crews will be using these conditions to their advantage," the BC Wildfire Service said in a Monday night update.

The fire is estimated to have burned 2,790 hectares.

Crews and structure protection units remained on scene overnight.

Structural protection has deployed resources on homes and infrastructure as needed, and triaging additional sites will continue as required.

"Crews are actively building contingency lines on the south side of the ravine on Sheep Creek Road. Crews are building hand lines at the south of Green Mountain Road over to Highway 3. And crews are also working along Green Mountain Road," the BCWS says.

With temperatures forecast to continue to cool over the next few days, crews will be using these conditions to their advantage.

Meanwhile, the fire's growth is in steep, inaccessible terrain.

"Crews are building contingency lines, while continuing to concentrate their efforts on areas impacting residents; supporting structure protection.

"Much of the wildfire is located in terrain that is inoperable for air tanker and heavy machinery support; however, the fire has moved into an area to the west that is accessible to be worked using heavy equipment. Heavy equipment is being used to build line in Sheep Creek, protecting values."

Hedley-Nickleplate Road and Green Mountain Road are both closed in the fire zone.

A total of 144 firefighters are assigned to the fire, supported by nine helicopters and four pieces of heavy equipment.

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