Car enthusiast's dream along Lakeshore Drive in Penticton with the Peach City Beach Cruise

Stunning cars line lakefront

Casey Richardson

Hundreds of hot rods, antique and classic cars have lined up along Lakeshore Drive in Penticton on Friday, ready for Western Canada's premier three-day car show, the Peach City Beach Cruise.

Close to 700 cars have been registered so far, a welcome number by the President of the Peach City Beach Cruise Wayne Wood.

“We have lots of cars. Saturday is going to be an absolute nutso day, with cars lining up all the way from the Lakeshore hotel up to the S.S. Sicamous,” he said. “ Come prepared to enjoy all the vehicles are free to come and look.”

While the show was put together later than normal, with planning starting in January instead of September of last year, the large group of dedicated volunteers rolled up their sleeves and got to work.

“The first couple days were over 300 registrations. It just went crazy as soon as we let out the word. People have been anxious, I think to see this and other shows like it once again coming back finally after COVID,” Wood said.

Participants have come from all over Western Canada and the United States to show off their rides and soak up the sun, in what has become an annual excursion for some.

Barry and Betty Johnson drove down in their 1937 Ford from Salmon Arm for their second year.

“We were here in 2018. Missed 2019. And of course, then COVID hit, so we're back this year,” Barry said. “It's a good show. I mean, there are lots of great cars here.”

“Next time we come. We're gonna bring my car. A 66 Ford Mustang,” Betty added with a chuckle.

The pair enjoy the drive down, the weekend away and the chance to show off their beautiful vintage car.

“Yeah, it's a toy. So you just go out and play,” Barry said.

One couple who’s new to the show and new to being residents of Penticton had trouble deciding which of their three cars to enter this year, but decided to go with their 1948 Chevy Fleetline.

“It's a great hobby. It really is. It's a great retirement hobby,” Sandy Dunn said. “We've already had two different couples come up to us and say they knew the car from the coast from the Lower Mainland. It was originally from down there.”

“As long as the weather is good, summertime, we drive it a fair amount. They're built to drive so we use them,” Tom Dunn added.

Sandy said that they were excited about being a part of such a huge show.

“The weather of course is just stellar down on the coast it's always kind of iffy. We sometimes get up in the morning going yeah, we're not doing the car show today. It's pouring rain. But up here, you're pretty much guaranteed good weather. So it means a huge draw for Penticton,” she said.

The car show will be along Lakeshore Drive, Rotary Park and Main Street throughout Saturday. Entertainment takes place in Gyro Park, with live music, vendors, souvenirs, and food trucks and stands.

“There are so many things to love about this show. I mean, obviously, we’ve got spectacular cars. You see it's spectacular weather. The entertainment is unreal. But there are so many things on that,” Wood said.

Sunday will cap off the car show weekend in Gyro Park with awards and closing ceremonies.

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