'PenHenge' summer solstice gathering at the top of Munson Mountain

Perfect view for solstice

Anyone interested in observing the Summer Solstice is invited out to join the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada-Okanagan Centre on Monday at the top of Munson Mountain in Penticton.

There's been a several-year hiatus in the annual observance for the society, which offers the free event.

Astronomer Chris Purton and other members will be on hand to explain the annual movement of the sun from north to south and back again, and explain the array of standing stones at the top of Munson Mountain which indicates the northernmost reach of the setting sun.

They will also go into detail about the position at the time of the Winter Solstice and the Fall and Spring Equinox.

Parking is limited at the lot at the top of the mountain, so attendees are recommended to arrive early.

The crowd will begin to gather at 8 p.m., with forecasts for the sunset to occur at 8:50 p.m., and the sun making first contact with the opposing mountain at 8:46 pm.

The Summer Solstice this year will occur at 2:13 am on Tuesday, so attendees on Monday evening will observe the sunset nearest to the actual moment of Summer Solstice, according to the society.

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