Anarchist Mountain Fire Department celebrates its first hydrant

Community gets 1st hydrant

A previously out-of-use fire hydrant has been sent to help out a South Okanagan community, where there isn't a municipal or community water system installed for fire crews to receive their water.

The Anarchist Mountain Volunteer Fire Department shared the installation of their first hydrant to Facebook on Thursday.

"Thanks to some dedicated members and residents who made this happen, our AMFD water tender is now able to fill 2,500 gallons of water in just eight minutes," they said.

"The hydrant receives water from a 27,000 gallon cistern buried just up the hill beside AMFD, which took a bit of reconfiguration."

"Not only do our fire trucks and tenders get faster fill ups of water, but our members also get to train with a hydrant in case we are needed for mutual aid elsewhere."

Working crews got to installing the old hydrant, which was sent from the Town of Oliver, while some young residents helped with a paint job.

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