Godfather-themed Penticton pizzeria shuts indefinitely, citing labour shortages

Godfather pizzeria closes

Ongoing staffing shortages and other issues have led Penticton's Godfather-themed pizzeria to shut its doors.

Corleone's Pizzeria opened in the 600-block of Main Street in late 2019, with the mission of living up to their mobster-movie namesake by making you a pizza you can't refuse.

Owner Don Gigliotti cooked pizzas one at a time in his ovens, given special attention and using authentic ingredients sourced from Italy. The pies had themed names like "The Sonny" and "The Don Vito," playing along with the Godfather theme.

Gigliotti also earned fans by supporting temporarily laid-off restaurant workers with free pizza during the heart of the pandemic lockdowns.

But ongoing labour shortages have led Gigliotti to the "difficult decision" to close the doors indefinitely. The pizzeria made the announcement on social media Monday.

"We wish things could be different, but the current labour conditions have deemed it impossible to give you the service and consistency you deserve," they wrote.

They concluded their announcement with "lots of love," and the assurance that their sister location, Caffè d’Italia a few blocks down Main Street, remains open.

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