Penticton reviewing their Corporate Energy and Emissions Plan

Next steps for emission plan

Penticton city council will be reviewing over the 2022 Corporate Energy and Emissions Plan (CEEP) with local climate action thoughts at the forefront on Tuesday.

Council supported the updating of the City’s Climate Action plans during the 2021 Operational Budget plans, adopting the Community Climate Action Plan (CCAP) in October.

Staff stated that since then, the work the consultants, the Sustainability Committee and staff have focused on in the development of the plan are current corporate emissions and greenhouse gas reduction targets and climate action strategies, among others.

Based on staff consultations, these actions were identified for implementation over the next five year within five categories, which include:

  • New Buildings & Infrastructure: Improve energy performance and lower GHGs in new City buildings & infrastructure
  • Existing Buildings & Infrastructure: Improve energy performance and lower GHGs in existing City buildings & infrastructure
  • Renewable Energy: Increase the use of renewable energy
  • Transportation: Improve energy efficiency and reduce GHG emissions in the City’s fleet
  • Enabling Actions and Corporate Leadership: Institutionalize the plan and demonstrate leadership on waste and water

There is a recommendation to set the guidelines for the use of the Climate Action Reserve Fund, which holds approximately $512,000. The fund was financed annually through CARIP grants up until 2021, with the most recent contribution totalling approximately $65,000.

The closure of the CARIP grant in 2021 raised questions about how the fund would continue, although since then announcements have been made about a grant replacement coming in 2022. The fund has up until now been the sole dedicated source of climate action funding and does not currently have policy guidelines.

Heading forward, there is a push for climate action considerations to be included in all reports to Council and embed climate action into the budgeting process.

Staff stated in their report to council that they believe the plan provides actions that will reduce corporate emissions with measurable results.

Council will be committing to a declaration of a Climate Emergency and will need to collaborate with the Regional District Okanagan Similkameen and other neighbouring local governments to work towards achieving carbon neutrality within the region by 2050.

On Tuesday, council will review and decide whether to adopt the 2022 Corporate Energy and Emissions Plan, along with specific climate action resolutions.

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