Penticton Peach Festival float wins Golden Apple Award in Washington

Peach float earns top award

The Penticton Peach Festival float is getting its laps in already, attending the Wenatchee Apple Blossom Festival last weekend in Washington State.

The weekend saw the local festival earn some special recognition, winning the Golden Apple Award.

Peach Festival Director Kristi Patton said hundreds of people lined the parade route, and in many parts, they were even eight to 10 people deep along the route.

"I was amazed at how many people yelled out 'great float,' 'thank you for coming,' or 'oh, look, Canadians are here. Thanks,'" said Peach Festival director and host committee chair Daphne Adey.

Peach Festival directors who were in attendance said it was great exposure for Penticton as the parade was televised live and the write-up about Penticton was announced live at four different sites during the parade.

Queen Amrit represented the Miss Penticton Royalty, and Peach Festival Director Dayle Millington and Director and Chair of Hosting Daphne Adey rode on the float. Director Bruce Millington and Host Committee Member Larry Adey walked with the float.

Peach Fest returns this summer after a two-year hiatus from August 3-7, with five days of free shows, events and celebrations. To view the festival lineup, click here.

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