'Village by the Station’ gets a new bus

A Penticton care home has a new set of wheels.

Residents of ‘Village by the Station’ received a new bus earlier this week.

Care aid coordinator, Jean Karney, says it was a delight to watch it pull up in the parking lot.

“This is a bus that’ll be a part of our village. Not only will it accommodate the 130 plus residents, it will also serve the 90 plus people who attend out adult day programs. It’s our access to the community and it’s the community’s access to us,’ says Karney.

The bus came from Dynamics Specialty Vehicles in Vancouver and the company delivered it personally.

“Some features that the vehicle has is it is very convertible. It can accommodate up to 16 people or six people and six wheelchairs. It just depends on how they convert the seats,” says a company spokesperson.

The Station staff who will be driving the new bus are getting instruction on how to drive and operate it.

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