Oliver Fire Department rescues farm worker pinned under ATV

Pinned under ATV

Firefighters were called out on Thursday afternoon for two motor vehicle accidents, one involving a vehicle in a ditch and one involving this ATV rollover in Oliver.

According to Oliver Fire Department spokesman Rob Graham, a farm worker was loading a quad onto a trailer and one of the ramps slipped and rolled, pinning him underneath.

"He was pinned under the vehicle until emergency personnel could arrive," Graham said.

At the time of the accident, a service disruption had caused the 911 phone number to stop functioning.

The farm worker had been able to make a call to his employer while pinned, who called the non emergency line.

Graham added that there was some confusion in the initial reported location of the accident.

"I think where some of the confusion comes in is that 911 picks up the location, and it wasn't necessarily where the accident was. So we had a little bit of delay in that communication there as well. It was all worked out in the end," he said.

Those experiencing an emergency if 911 lines are ever down are advised to call their RCMP non-emergency number instead.

"If you can get through to a non emergency line of RCMP or even fire dispatch, they will get the crews out," Graham added.

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