Nude statue artist wins suit

Damage done to a bronze statue will cost the City of Penticton more than $14,000.

Early this week, a judge awarded $14,386 to an artist whose statue was vandalized while being rented by the City.

The nude statue known as Frank the Baggage Handler, depicted as an aging nude man surrounded by suitcases, was installed at the Vancouver Hill roundabout in January of 2005.

Vandals damaged his genitalia soon after he was installed.

The vandalism caused the statue’s creator, Michael Hermesh, to remove Frank from the roundabout in February of 2005. The story of Frank’s genital vandalism sparked headlines around the world.

Hermesh said after the damage was repaired he offered to give Frank back to the City to be placed inside, but the City of Penticton refused.

He says the City cancelled his contract, refused to pay him for making the statue and refused to pay for the repairs, which resulted in him filing a lawsuit against the City.

Frank is currently on display at the Red Rooster Winery in Naramata.

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