Princeton magic mushrooms research and development facility opening soon

'Shrooms facility opening

A new Princeton facility being built to grow and test magic mushrooms for health purposes is very close to opening, after being awarded a dealer's license in February by Health Canada.

Optimi Health Corp. has been building its two adjacent 10,000 square foot facilities since August 2020. They are looking to research and develop Canadian-grown psilocybin-producing mushrooms and related product formulations.

They will be opening Canada’s largest GMP-Grade licensed Psilocybin Cultivation Facility, with a grand opening event and reception for members of the media, investors, stakeholders and the residents of Princeton and the surrounding area on Friday, May 27.

Optimi also plans to livestream the event on Instagram for guests unable to attend.

“Psychedelics continue to capture the imagination of people looking for hope and better quality of life, specifically those suffering with debilitating mental health conditions,” Optimi Health CEO, Bill Ciprick said in a press release.

“By having the largest GMP-grade Health Canada licensed mushroom cultivation facility in Canada, we have positioned Optimi to be the number one supplier of safe, natural psilocybin, and we feel good about setting the safest and most stringent production standards in the industry.”

Since securing their dealer's license the Company said their business development team has been focused on securing supply deals and letters of intent with pharmaceutical companies, other licensed suppliers, and drug developers interested in Optimi’s natural GMP-grade product.

“As a homegrown, Canadian company founded and built in Princeton, it is our great honour to extend this day of celebration to all residents, our supporters, and anyone else who believes in our ability to produce scalable, natural mushroom formulations for transformational human experiences,” said the Founders.

“The entire community of Princeton has played a role in getting Optimi to where it is today, and with that support it’s now our turn to say thank you."

In their 10,000 square foot facility, production of natural GMP psilocybin for use by approved entities in clinical trials and individuals granted access by Health Canada will be given through legal mechanisms such the Special Access Program and Section 56 exemptions to the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act.

The Company recently announced that it had commenced growing its first crop of natural psilocybin for these purposes, as well as a related partnership with the IMPACT Clinical Trial Accelerator Program housed within Alberta’s Life Sciences Innovation Hub at the University of Calgary.

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