Summerland curbside pickup closer

The details are still being sorted out, but Summerland will soon have a new curbside collection service in operation.

Waste collection coordinator, Beth Cavers, says the program is slated to start in May.

“We are still working out the details right now, to figure out who is actually going to do this, but it will be a great program,” says Cavers.

She says it will be a basic blue bag recycling program.

“People will be able to put out all their recyclables in a blue bag without having to sort it. When one bag fills, they can just start another and put out as many blue bags as they want.”

Cavers says garbage will be collected once a week with a two bag limit and yard waste will be collected up to six times a year.

A final annual cost has not yet been determined, but the District of Summerland staff say they are confident residents will see a savings over current costs with private contractors.

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