Dummies take flight once again at Apex Mountain Resort with a large crowd out for Dummy Downhill

Dummies fly down Apex

Casey Richardson

There’s little left of the 13 dummies that were sent flying down Apex Mountain Resort's Downhill Dummy course on Saturday afternoon.

Apex Mountain Resort GM James Shalman was excited to see a big crowd on the hillside to watch

"Today is a fun day it always goes so well. Dummy Downhill is such a fun event for us. We got probably 500 people out watching it," he shared.

"It's the highest flying dummy downhill in the world that we know of, because it goes off our aerial site, no other dummy down hill goes off an aerial site. So these dummies are literally 60 to 70 vertical feet in the air before they crash land."

Locals and Apex staff members spent hours up to a few days building up their homemade contraptions to launch over the edge.

"I spent probably I'm going to say three or four hours maybe building mine. Some people spend way longer though, put a lot of time and effort into it," Shalman added.

This event marks the end of a solid ski season for the local mountain.

"It's always fun to do an event at the last weekend of the season. Last year, we couldn't really do it with COVID. We didn't want to have an event that created so many people so close together. So after a little hiatus, the dummy downhills back very well attended and loved by all."

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