Hefty fine will be given to protester caught on camera at Southern Okanagan Secondary school berating students

Fine for school protester


RCMP have confirmed that one protester involved in a hostile incident with high school children in Oliver will be issued a $2,300 fine.

On Friday, high school students caught an adult woman on camera screaming racist slurs and profanities at kids at the Southern Okanagan Secondary School following a confrontation over mask mandates.

Members of the freedom convoy movement attended the school, even though the Access to Services (COVID-19) Act was passed in November 2021 to protect those who provide services and to prevent disruptive behaviour from affecting schools.

Although police had previously attended the area, Sgt. Don Wrigglesworth explained over email Monday, that the constable had left the area after the protestors were told to stay off school grounds, and things appeared calm.

RCMP received no further calls from the school administration, teachers or students that day and only became aware of the situation Saturday.

The local school board also put out a public statement asking that future protesters leave their schools alone on Monday.

On Tuesday, the Okanagan Nation Alliance posted on Facebook that their Chiefs are asking for the support of government after alleged uptick in racist incidents related to the "freedom convoy," condemning the actions of the protester at the school.

Wrigglesworth confirmed on Wednesday that the "person has been identified and will be issued a $2,300 fine."

CBC News has reported the woman is Silke Schulze of Oliver.

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