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Penticton tattoo shop raises $3,500 for local charity during Valentine's Day flash sale

Tattoo hearts for a cause

The Black Petal Tattoo crew in Penticton spent their Valentine’s Day giving back.

Offering a flash sale day, three talented artists gave dozens of tattoos to customers and donated 100 per cent to the Ooknakane Friendship Centre.

Flash sales are when Tattoo Studios offer pre-drawn designs to offer a quick turnaround between customers.

“We offered small heart tattoos that are either outlined or filled that come in fixed sizes. We don’t change the size, but you get to pick the colour,” said Black Petal owner and artist Joseph Markewich.

With each tattoo being given for $80 to $105, Black Petal was able to donate close to $3,500 to a great cause.

“We are trying to raise as much money as possible for the Friendship Centre. We believe that there are a lot of people in this world that struggle with mental health and finding resources to help them. We just want to help anyone we can through funding, resources or tattoo therapy, and try to help them love themselves. That's what these hearts represent. To love yourself and others,” Markewich said.

The Black Petal Tattoo crew found the Ooknakane Friendship Centre to be the perfect fit to give back to.

“We sat down as a tattoo family and looked through a lot of organizations and decided to choose the Friendship Centre to donate to this year. The services they offer help a broad spectrum in the community. They offer counseling, legal aid, mental health support and housing. We need places like this in the world that are able to help people and we want to give as much as we can,” explained Markewich.

Mental health advocacy is important to Markewich, having had his own struggles in the past.

“Personally I've been through quite a bit in my life, and mental health is one of those struggles that often go undiagnosed. We can hide from the outside world and it’s an internal pain that most people experience at some point in their lives. I’ve lost a few friends. I don’t want anyone else to go through that, so we are trying to let people know it’s okay that they struggle. We offer an olive branch to anyone who needs help,” said Markewich.

Similar stories are something Markewich often hears from clients receiving tattoos.

“I don't know if I’ve tattooed anyone this last year that hasn’t had struggles or trauma. It’s all too common. My wife Brooke and I have struggled through Covid, all while starting a business and building a house. We are so grateful to have each other to get through this together. We’re in the position now to not only keep ourselves strong but keep our tattoo family strong, and so lucky to be able to reach out and help the community,” he said.

Artists that donated their time are Markewich himself and artists Annika Ponzilius and Carmin Attrell.

“There was a lineup around the corner from 8 a.m. to when we opened at 10 a.m. We gave out 35 tattoos. It was great to see the turnout. It really means the world to us and I want to thank everyone who came out to get tattooed and supporting the cause. It is so heartwarming,” Markewich said.

Black Petal and crew have plans to do many more flash days to support the Penticton community.

“This one will be annual for sure and me and the crew will get together and choose a charity each time. I would like to do another towards summer and have some local businesses help and support the cause,” Markewich said.

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