Real Canadian Superstore in Penticton scolded for failing to report refrigerant leak immediately to Ministry of Environment

Failed to report leak

The Ministry of Environment has slapped the Penticton Real Canadian Superstore with a non-compliance warning due to leaked refrigerant material that was not properly reported.

On Dec. 21, 2021, the Ministry conducted an office review inspection of the store on Main Street, checking for compliance, and discovered in records that 91 kilograms of refrigerant was leaked from a condensing pump on June 27 of that year.

The spill was not logged and reported until Nov. 2.

Real Canadian Superstore did not take the required step of reporting it to the Provincial Emergency Program immediately, nor did they submit a written report on the incident within 30 days of the incident, the Ministry report found.

This was the first electronic compliance record for the Real Canadian Superstore's Penticton location since April 1, 2020.

Given the general history of compliance, the business was issued an advisory and no fine; however, the Ministry notes it will be considered in the future in the event of further non-compliance findings.

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