Okanagan Falls resident happy to see large group of Bighorn sheep return after disease outbreak last fall

Bighorns butting heads

Contributed Ken Oszinski

A group of Bighorn Sheep came down from the mountainside into Heritage Hills near Okanagan Falls on Wednesday morning, taking time to butt heads and enjoy the grass peeking through the snow.

Ken Oszinski said he is often visited by wild animals in the area, since their residence is right at the edge near the hills.

"This is the biggest gang of these guys we've seen this year, in the past we've seen about 12 at a time so we were quite worried that we would lost a bunch with that illness that they have going out there," he said.

A dozen wild bighorn sheep were found dead near Grand Forks in August, after an outbreak of epizootic hemorrhagic disease, also known as blue tongue, spread through the population.

Oszinski said it was nice to see them sheep return, and to catch them in action.

"They come right to the bedroom window where there's not so much snow and they dig around in there...To get it on video was pretty neat."

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