Okanagan photographer finds inspiration from local landscapes for family photography

Moments frozen in time

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A local photographer finds inspiration from South Okanagan landscapes to capture special memories for her clients forever.

Originally from Saskatoon, Taylor Kizyma has been a resident of the South Okanagan for almost 20 years.

“I really love the scenery and the views. It is beautiful. There are higher views in the South, and they are so nice.
I love to incorporate the breathtaking views and mix it with the emotion and connection of families,” explains Kizyma.

With a successful photography business, Kizyma now uses her extensive experience and the local beauty to help her capture amazing photos for her clients.

“My mom bought me a little Sony Cybershot camera when I was 11 and I took photos of flowers in the yard. I would make her pull over on road trips to stop and take pictures of the flowers every few minutes and I’m sure she regretted letting me take it on the trips,” Kizyma says.

Although passionate about photography, Kizyma initially worked in Northern BC in a kitchen.

"I used my paycheques to buy my first camera. I just wanted to take nice pictures but people began asking me to take pictures of them, and their friends would ask, and it evolved and grew like that,” says Kizyma.

Serving all of the Okanagan, Kizyma specializes in couples, families and babies.

“I work with couples and families, and I work with newborns, and do maternity and birth photography. My favourite one to do is babies though. I like the innocence of kids, and babies don’t complain,” says Kizyma, laughing.

“It just works so well with them."

Capturing newborn babies creates special memories, according to Kizyma.

“I get to snuggle babies and put them in cute little outfits and capture just how small they are. A lot of people don’t get to see very fresh newborns very often or get to see how they change so fast. I get to freeze it in time and remember their tiny little toes," she says.

"Newborns are so fragile and their life is in my hands. You can’t just begin photography and try to get all of the common newborn poses. If a new photographer tried it and something went wrong, it can go really sideways. I build the photograph piece by piece. I am always holding the baby and I will edit my hands out."

Having that experience and skillset is why it is important to hire a talented photographer, Kizyma says.

“When looking for a photographer, I recommend looking at the work and the art before the price. There have been so many times where people come to me and say they don’t have much of a budget because they already went with a bad photographer and need their pictures redone, so it will cost more in the long run. Find someone whose art you appreciate,” says Kizyma.

In addition to scenic locations, Kizyma books home sessions.

“I travel all over the Okanagan for people. I also have what is called a client closet where I have all kinds of outfits for the kids and the family so it looks put together!” says Kizyma.

For people interested in learning more about a career in photography, Kizyma’s advice is that you can never learn enough.

“Make sure you do your research and have the background knowledge and experience and the training. Invest in education before jumping into the photography world. For people just wanting to take better pictures for themselves, pay attention to lighting. Lighting is everything. It makes or breaks your photos and 100 per cent sets the mood. For example, if you want something intimate, you’ll need mood lighting. That's why photographers only shoot at certain times,” she explains.

While shooting and editing, you can find Kizyma listening to Shallow, by Lady Gaga.

“I love a lot of the songs from the movie A Star is Born, but I hate the movie!” Kizyma says, laughing.

Learn more about Kizmya on Facebook here or Instagram at @photosby.taylorlynn and @newbornsby.taylorlynn

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