Man reports semi driver for frightening pass on Highway 97

Scary semi pass


An Osoyoos couple driving in separate vehicles got a scare along Highway 97 south of Oliver on Friday.

William Fowlie sent Castanet a video of a semi passing his vehicle and then his wife’s vehicle in snowy conditions between Road 11 and Road 10. His wife had to brake sharply to let the truck pull in as another vehicle was coming the other way.

Fowlie said traffic was going very slow in the area because of slick road conditions and there were at least two vehicles in front of his wife's car.

He called 9-1-1 to report the incident but didn’t hear back about what happened.

Fowlie also sent the video to the B.C. Commercial Vehicle and Safety Enforcement unit and said he was told it would be forwarded to the appropriate manager.

The couple later caught up to the truck and passed it at Waterman’s Hill.

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