Dash cam ruled admissible in trial for man charged with dangerous driving that killed young woman in Hedley

No go ditching dash cam

A man charged with dangerous driving resulting in the death of a young woman in Hedley will proceed to trial in mid January 2022, after a voir dire hearing deemed dash camera footage obtained by police admissible.

In March 2019, Alanna Dunn was killed in a crash between her vehicle and the commercial truck Andrey Malyshev was driving on his usual route eastbound on Highway 3.

His truck and trailer overturned as it rounded a corner, according to police, sliding sideways into the westbound lane of traffic.

In a voir dire hearing that concluded Tuesday, the judge found that RCMP's description of the events at the scene were reasonable to conclude that the offence of dangerous driving was a fair charge, and that officers on scene had the right to view dash camera footage from the company truck.

The judge agreed that it was reasonable for police to have viewed that footage, given it could provide insight into Malyshev's driving pattern before the crash, as well as Dunn's before impact.

Malyshev has pleaded not guilty to the charge. He listened to Tuesday's hearing with the help of a Russian translator.

He will be back in Penticton court Jan. 13 for an anticipated two-day trial by judge.

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