Federal armed forces arrive to help with flood relief efforts in Princeton

Troops joining flood relief

The Town of Princeton is getting the help they have been petitioning for, with army troops on the way.

Mayor Spencer Coyne shared the good news from the Town's Facebook page Wednesday morning.

"We met with the Canadian Forces team, they will be around town and then a platoon will arrive to start working in the community. They cannot go on private property but we are working with them to help with sidewalks and sandbags," his update reads.

"I cannot express how relieved I am to have some help on the ground."

Coyne has been pushing for senior levels of government to step up and help wth disaster relief efforts.

The town is in a time crunch to clear out homes, get rid of ruined property and try to get homes back up and running with heat, water and electric before winter conditions set in.

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