City of Penticton stepping in to take over operations and floor resurfacing for the Sportsplex

City taking over Sportsplex

The City of Penticton will be taking over operations of the Sportsplex and diving into how to best to resurface it to meet the needs of a wider group of athletic organizations.

At Tuesday’s council meeting, staff presented an update on their work over the last several months to look at replacing and upgrading the current surface with an alternative.

The current turf surface limits some sports and user groups.

Staff will be speaking with multiple local sports organizations over the next two to three months before coming back before council with a recommendation on the surface replacement.

Staff have not decided on a surface material yet, but options could include a lower-pile turf or harder surface.

Over the past two years, the city has been looking at taking over the operations of the facility and will officially be stepping in on Nov. 1 in collaboration with all the users groups.

$200,000 is included in the 2021 capital budget for the surface replacement.

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