Horse roaming near Penticton road killed in collision

Horse killed by car

A horse was found dead along Green Mountain Road near Penticton on Friday morning and an Okanagan animal advocate wants to see more done to help look after feral and wild horses in the area.

Theresa Nolet of the OATS Horse Rescue explained that she was called about the horse early in the morning.

“I went up as quickly as I could and the horse was still there. The PIB was already there on site, and had cleaned up all the road debris from the vehicle, because apparently, there was quite a bit,” Nolet explained.

This is the second major horse incident she's attended to this year, with one being hit early in September and passing away.

“Well, my goal is letting people know they should drive carefully, but my concern is for the animals. I think this situation has been going on for a while,I know for at least 30 to 40 years. And I'm sure even prior to that, nothing has ever changed.”

Large populations of feral horses roam throughout the Okanagan area, and Nolet thinks more should be done for population control and care of the herds.

“I think that they should be managed properly and humanely.”

According to statistics from ICBC, around 11,000 crashes occur in a year where an animal was involved in B.C.

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