Hot summer translates into bumper crop for cannabis farm

Bumper crop for SpeakEasy

Harvest season is well underway at SpeakEasy Cannabis Club in Rock Creek, and the company is expecting another record-breaking haul after a successful 2020 campaign.

The scorching, record-breaking temperatures in the B.C. Interior this summer did not negatively impact this year’s crop, which the company credits to early preparations, hard work and dedication from the SpeakEasy team. The genetic variety was expanded this year, and the plants grew healthier, larger and with more dense buds compared to last year’s outdoor yield.

“Systems and methods developed last year helped us get a fast jump on the harvest this season,” SpeakEasy founder Marc Geen said in a press release. “The crew is working well, and the weather is holding up for us so far. The quality of the crop is exceptional again this year, and we are diligently getting it out of the field as quickly as possible. With sales increasing and demand for our product growing, I am anxious to get it processed and into the hands of our customers. Thank you all for your continued support, and a big thank you to our valued family of employees.”

This year’s crop should be turned into finished products by the end of 2022, including live resin and pre-rolls. The remainder of the yield will be used for dried flower or processed into extract material suitable to make any concentrate that the market demands.

The harvest is expected to continue until the end of October.

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